Check out these links for more information and care tips from around the web!

  • – An in-depth care guide with extensive information on hermit crab behaviors like molting and aggression.
  • HCA: Hermit Crab Association – A community of people dedicated to the proper care of hermit crabs. Having issues with your crabs? Chat with people here and get help. Also a great resource for connecting with people looking to re-home crabs in need.
  • Crab Street Journal – Another community of folks working to educate the world on proper hermit crab care. Plenty of information on behavior, what to do in an emergency, and how to deter unwanted bugs from your crabitat.
  • Exposed: Live Hermit Crabs’ Shells Crushed, Hundreds Dead at Pet Trade Supplier – See the horrific conditions PETA found at one hermit crab dealer.