Get Active

You can help stop the miserable hermit crab trade.
Please inform everyone you know about the plight of the hermies and encourage them to adopt instead of buying! Join us in our work!

  • Print out our leaflet (available for download here), or you can order it below for a small donation. Then, get out and spread the word at your closest boardwalk this spring and summer. Be upbeat, polite, and friendly, as you explain the plight of the crabs and let people know that the kindest thing they can do is skip the hermit crabs in their souvenir shopping this time around. If you are leafleting outside of a business, please make sure to stay on public property at all times (including keeping off their parking lots).
  • Use this care sheet to spread the word on all the essentials of hermit crab care. Print it out and give it to friends and family members you know who have crabs who could use a crabitat upgrade.
  • Click here to open up our cheat sheet for all the basics on hermit crab care. Print a few and hand it out to spread the word!

    Click here for our cheat sheet with all the basics on hermit crab care. Print and hand it out to spread the word!

    Check out our business page to find out how you can encourage souvenir shops to stop selling these intelligent animals. If you confirm a business to sign on, use our pledge card and submit it back to us to get it added to our crab-friendly businesses list!

  • No time to get active? No problem! Donate here to contribute to our crucial work of spreading the word. We’ll be leafleting and handing out tiny crab toys all summer in Virginia Beach, Virginia – a popular spot that sells thousands of crabs every year – asking people not to buy real crabs as trinkets, but to adopt instead. Help fund this work, as well as our our online advocacy and outreach. Every dollar counts!
  • E-mail us with any questions, concerns, or ideas. Your advocacy could save hundreds of lives!  

If you can’t print out our leaflet yourself, fill out the form below to order some!

(Don’t forget to donate first to help recoup the costs! Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.)