Hermit Crab Industry EXPOSED for the First Time!

Just in time for summer, when beach boardwalks erupt with colorful painted shells housing delicate hermit crabs, PETA has released a new eyewitness video, revealing for the first time the horrors endured by these tiny animals between being plucked from the wild and sold to customers in tiny cages.

PETA found that hermit crabs were dumped into barren pens by the thousands and denied hiding spaces and the opportunity to dig. Workers cracked open crabs’ shells with a manual lever press to force them to inhabit painted shells. HUNDREDS of dead crabs were found every day at this supplier. Take a look:

Please, NEVER buy a hermit crab–only adopt a crab in need. Please urge PetSmart and Petco to stop selling these sensitive wild animals by clicking HERE, and share the footage with all your friends. If you would like more information on caring for hermit crabs, visit our Care Guide.